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Learn About Your West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are a West Virginian who has been injured because of another person’s negligence or carelessness, then you may be eligible for damages. For example, if you developed lung cancer because of secondhand smoke at your apartment complex, you may be able to sue the person who caused you to develop the disease. If you are a rubber worker who is injured on the job, then you might have the right to sue in this situation. You can also sue if you were harmed in a maritime accident and you are protected under the Jones Act.

If you have developed mesothelioma, an illness that originates in the lungs because of exposure to asbestos, then you can sue your employer for forcing you to spend time in the presence of a dangerous material that jeopardized your health. The firm also handles all railroad accident cases, whether the train was derailed and passengers were inside or whether the cars spilled toxic materials which could affect locals in the area. As well, at this West Virginia personal injury firm the attorneys are dedicated to helping those who have developed a blood cancer because of exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace or near their home. Mechanics, painters, gasoline haulers, railroad employees, power plant workers, and others are at a greater risk to developing a blood cancer because of the constant exposure that they sustain with toxic chemicals.

At Hartley & O'Brien, PLLC, the lawyers are dedicated to seeking justice for these people that have been harmed because of environmental conditions beyond their control. The firm focuses in on toxic tort cases and advocates for workers, but they are very versatile when it comes to personal injury law. They have had over 30 years of success and they want to use this experience to help you. In the past, this firm has been able to handle all sorts of cases and obtain successful verdicts for many. Hartley & O’Brien, PLLC, is dedicated to aggressive and professional legal representation. One of the reasons that Hartley & O’Brien, PLLC is set apart from other law firms in West Virginia is their dedication to their clients.

This firm wants their clients to feel like valuable individuals. This is why they only take on a small amount of cases at a time. This way, the attorneys won’t start treating their clients as just another case number that needs to be handled. They will look at them as people with a back story who have a reason to seek compensation. They want to advocate for clients with all the passion and hard work that each person deserves.

In addition, Hartley & O’Brien, PLLC, shoots high. They are not going to settle for a minimal amount of compensation when you deserve much more. In the past, the firm has been able to obtain several multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts on behalf of clients who deserved the best. The attorneys at this firm have been recognized by the attorney rating service Martindale-Hubbell®. In fact, the firm has been given an AV Preeminent ® rating by Martindale-Hubbell ®. This is the highest possible honor that a firm can receive from this rating service, and is only given to firms that merit a 4.5-5.0 out of 5.0 rating after extensive evaluation. The firm received a 5.0.

The firm is made up of a collection of hardworking lawyers, and is headed up by Attorney R. Dean Hartley. This hardworking litigator is the chairman of the American Trial Lawyers Association’s Benzene/Leukemia Litigation group. He was appointed to work on this board because of his care and compassion for cancer victims and his desire to treat these people with the respect that they deserve. He has advocated for countless cancer victims who believe that their illness is due to toxic exposure in the workplace.

The American Trial Lawyers Association acts as a resource center for attorneys that are dealing with difficult cases. Attorney Hartley’s leadership and membership in this group is just another evidence to his desire to pursue the best possible method of litigation and be as informed as possible when taking on complicated toxic tort cases. At Hartley & O’Brien, PLLC, the lawyers are not daunted by unique or complicated cases. They will work with men and women who are coming from all walks of life and work with families that have been left with an incapacitated relative because of a toxic tort issue. The firm will also work hard to provide personalized service.If you want to learn more about them, look the firm up on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The lawyers at Harley & O’Brien, PLLC, understand that you are undergoing a very difficult trial at present. They don’t want you to have to deal with difficult attorneys or feel like you are not getting the aid you need. Instead, they want to come alongside you as a friend and build a case that may be able to get you the compensation that you want. Attorney R. Dean Hartley from the firm has been recognized for his intimate understanding of toxic tort cases, and has even been asked to speak at national programs that have discussed the Supreme Court’s stance on toxic tort litigation. He is respected and honored in the legal world, just like the other attorneys who work at this firm.

The lawyers at Harley & O’Brien have a twofold goal: to represent your case for full compensation and to eradicate unsafe work practices and conditions in the state of West Virginia. The firm doesn’t just want to gain money for you, they want to change the way West Virginia employers treat their workers and the conditions that they subject them too. They hope that through aggressive litigation they can reform companies and teach them how to develop safer work environments.

If you have a case and want help from a lawyer at this firm, then you should contact Hartley & O'Brien by calling their toll free number at (888) 510-6547. The firm offers free case evaluations for all potential clients. You can fill out the case evaluation form on their website in order to explain your situation to Hartley & O’Brien. The firm’s main office is located in The Wagner Building at 2001 Main St. #600 in Wheeling, West Virginia 26003.Make sure to contact the firm with any toxic tort concerns!

The Wagner Building, 2001 Main Street, Suite 600, Wheeling, WV 26003
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