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Recent Posts in Asbestos Category

Lawsuit Filed for Contaminated Water in Boone Co., West Virginia

Hartley & O'Brien, PLLC, along with Redman & Payne, PLLC recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of 98 individuals for property damage from coal sludge entering their well water. The Boone ...
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Union Pipefitter Sues for Asbestos Exposure Leading to Lung Damage

Hartley & O'Brien, PLLC recently filed suit on behalf of lifelong pipefitter in the Circuit Court of Marshall County, West Virginia. The Plaintiff, a union pipefitter, worked out of the ...
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Talc Powder Use Linked to Ovarian Cancer - Baby Powder Lawsuits on the Rise

Conventional wisdom regarding talc powder is that it's marketed as baby powder so it must be safe. However, recent lawsuits have alleged that long-term genital talc use is linked with ovarian ...
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What is a Toxic Tort?

A toxic tort is a particular type of personal injury lawsuit in which the injured person claims that his or her exposure to a chemical caused their injury or disease. People are typically exposed to a ...
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FELA & Railroad Injuries

The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) is a United States federal law that gives interstate railroad workers that have been injured, sickened or killed during the course of their employment the ...
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What is Asbestos and Why is it Toxic?

Found in soil and rocks, asbestos is actually a mineral fiber that has considerable strength and can be heat resistant. The characteristics of this fiber made it desirable early on and there was a ...
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