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Losing a limb or being forced to amputate a limb is perhaps one of the most shocking impacts of an injury that an individual can endure. Everything about that person's life has now changed. They may face difficulty working to the same capacity or may need special equipment just to complete daily tasks.

If you were injured and lost your limb or required an amputation as a result, you know that this not just a huge medical expense, but a tragic wrong that you have suffered. What's more, the costs of the emotional trauma and anguish you are suffering are immeasurable. You need to pursue fair compensation for your situation; get representation behind your case today.

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Was your injury due to another's negligence?

The loss of a limb and amputation can be caused from any number of accidents. It might have been from a work accident, such as those in construction or in the agricultural industry, from a motor vehicle wreck, or even from a medical wrongdoing. Whatever the circumstances may have been, you should talk to one of our injury lawyers about your loss as soon as possible.

We can help you recover damages for any of the following:

  • Medical bills and surgery expenses
  • Therapy and rehabilitation services
  • Loss of income and any future losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Prosthetic or adaptive equipment

No one can undo the catastrophe that has happened to you. However, having a trustworthy advocate from our firm by your side can help you get justice against the negligently party that caused your loss.

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