Benzene FAQ

Benzene Frequently Asked Questions

What is benzene?

An organic chemical compound related to crude oil, benzene is a colorless and very flammable liquid that is often identified by its sweet odor. Benzene is used predominantly in the production of other heavier chemicals for plastics, resins, nylon, rubbers and detergents to name a few, and is critical to the production of fuels such as gasoline. It is a highly carcinogenic substance, and exposures to this toxic chemical have been linked to many diseases including leukemia, lymphoma and more.

Where is benzene exposure the most common?

Although the potential for exposure to low levels of benzene exists in a multitude of outdoor environments and scenarios, the negative effects of exposure are most common in chemical workers who work directly with this organic compound to create heavier chemicals. Commercial gasoline haulers are also notably susceptible to exposure since benzene is not removed from crude oil during the refining process.

How does benzene exposure cause personal injury?

Benzene is known to cause leukemia, lymphoma and other lung cancer and blood cancers when the toxic compound is ingested. Many lab studies and studies with real patients have noted a clear correlation between benzene exposure and many illnesses which can be very costly and time-consuming to treat, if successful treatment is even possible. Those who suffer from these serious diseases due to benzene exposure should speak with a West Virginia personal injury lawyer who can provide the necessary legal guidance.

Who is responsible for my benzene-related illness?

While low levels of benzene toxic tort exposure may be common for many, the type of exposure that causes serious personal injury is often a result of poor maintenance or security of the chemical during transport. Employees who work in industries that use benzene for manufacturing or heavy-chemical production, like rubber workers, may be at the highest risk of disease stemming from dangerous levels of exposure.

How can I seek compensation for the suffering I have endured?

The first step is to speak to a professional about your case. An attorney from our firm will review your situation free of charge. This gives you insight into the legal process and also an understanding of whether or not you have a valid claim to pursue compensation from a liable party. Next it is important to gather all evidence that works in your favor. This will include any medical testing that shows you are in fact suffering an illness.

The courts will want to see that not only have you been harmed, but you will need to provide the train of evidence that leads to the fact that another person's wrongful actions are what caused you to suffer in the first place. Without establishing this, there are no grounds for a case to continue. You may be awarded a verdict or settlement in your favor if a strong enough case can be built in your support. This is one of the many reasons that it is strongly advised that you work with an attorney form our firm.

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