The Jones Act contains provisions that protect:

  • Oil and gas workers
  • Fishing boat workers
  • Cruise ship passengers
  • Personal injury victims in relation to piracy
  • Other employees on the waterways

Maritime law can be complicated for those who do not specialize in it, and this lack of functional experience can lead to a failed pursuit of compensation. Instead, consult an experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyer.

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Where Legislation Extends to

Maritime law has grown to encompass a wide range of personal injury related events that take place on oceans, in international waters, and beyond. Maritime law also has jurisdiction over commercial activities and interests such as those in the fishing or energy industries that occur entirely on land. If it is related to a type of maritime activity, then it is most likely covered in the Jones Act and other existing legislation within maritime law.

Whether your injuries are caused by negligent safety maintenance, collisions with other ships, piracy and everything in between, compensation for personal injuries that applies to maritime law is an option that should be pursued.

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