Drilling Accidents

Radioactive Remains of Gas Drilling Dumped in West Virginia Landfills

In the natural gas industry, waste left over after horizontal drilling operations is colloquially referred to as “drill cuttings”. These cuttings typically contain significant levels of radiation emitting materials such as radium, uranium, and radon. Radium, a substance known to increase the risk of lymphoma, bone cancer, and blood disorders, is known to be particularly […]

Natural Gas Fire in Tyler County

Late Thursday, April 11, 2013, a flash fire at a natural gas facility near the town of Wick, in Tyler County, West Virginia, injured four people. Unfortunately, two of the victims later passed away from their injuries. The deceased are Bruce Phipps, 56, of Marietta, Ohio, and Raymond Miller, 43, of Jeanette, Pennsylvania. The cause […]