Medical Malpractice

Hartley Law Group Represents a Client Injured in Medical Procedure

Dencil M. McGrew is suing his physician, Nathan R. Hatfield, because of injuries he suffered while undergoing a CT-guided biopsy. R. Dean Hartley and Mark R. Staun of Hartley Law Group, PLLC are representing McGrew alongside an attorney from Blaydes Law. What Prompted the Filing of the Suit? In 2019, McGrew had a biopsy of […]

Medical Negligence Claim Filed Over Death of 23-Year-Old Huntington Woman

Complaint Filed in Cabell Circuit Court Last month, Cara Davis, administrator of the estate of Rosemarie Lynn McNeely, filed a medical negligence claim in Cabell Circuit Court against Dr. Neil Panchal and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Jody Frazier. Davis’s complaint accuses Dr. Panchal and Nurse Practitioner Frazier of failing to correctly assess Ms. McNeely’s condition. […]

West Virginia Woman Sues Bluefield OB-GYN for Stillborn Twin

Pregnancy can be a joyous time of growth and potential, but it is also a period that requires a great deal of trust between patients and their doctors. The medical care a pregnant woman receives from conception through delivery must meet pre-established standards and is crucial for both mother and child. One Mercer County woman […]

Medical Malpractice Reform Has Little Effect on Healthcare Costs

It is a common idea: healthcare costs are so high because doctors are forced to order unnecessary tests to protect themselves from liability in medical malpractice lawsuits. Although this notion is widely held in society, a recent study indicates that laws making it harder to sue doctors for medical negligence do not reduce the amount […]

Multimillion Dollar Verdict in Medical Negligence Case

Hartley Law Group attorney Mark R. Staun and co-counsel Kathryn R. Bayless of Princeton, West Virginia obtained a $2,222,847.87 verdict against Orthopedic Surgeon Walid Azzo, M.D. in the Circuit Court of Mercer Counter, West Virginia. The injured victim, Willie Havens, was treated with a short leg cast by Dr. Azzo for a simple non-displaced fracture […]