Nursing Homes

Do I Have a Case for Nursing Home Negligence?

Nursing Home Neglect vs. Nursing Home Abuse While there are many similarities between nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse, there is a key difference between the two. Abuse implies a specific intent to harm, but neglect is a breach of duty or a form of sub-standard care that results in harm. Negligence can occur […]

Nursing Home Infections on the Rise

A recent Columbia University School of Nursing five-year study of infection rates in American nursing homes found that a greater percentage of residents are experiencing infections, many of which are life-threatening. The study found increased prevalence of pneumonia, urinary tract infections, viral hepatitis, septicemia, wound infections, and multiple drug-resistant organisms. In fact, the study found […]

Ohio Family Files Lawsuit Against Nursing Home for Wrongful Death

Hartley Law Group recently filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit on behalf of an Ohio family in Marshall County, West Virginia Circuit Court as a result of the care a family member received at a local nursing home. During her residency at the nursing home, the decedent was allowed to develop wound infections, including infected […]