WVU Medicine Children’s Gala Raises $97K for Children’s Care

Each year, West Virginia University Medicine Children’s Hospital holds a charity gala so they can continue to provide innovative, high-quality intensive care services for women and children in the state. Serving neonatal, pediatric, and maternal patients, WVU Medicine Children’s has earned a reputation for excellence and state-of-the-art intensive care therapies, as well as emergency transport services.


More than $97,000 was raised at the 14th annual WVU Medicine Children’s Gala on August 4th this year to support the WVU Medicine Children’s Transport Team. The WVU Medicine Children’s Transport Team works 24/7 to move critically ill children by means of a mobile intensive care unit. Their staff is comprised of expert neonatal nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and respiratory therapists who seek to provide a supportive and safe environment for children headed to WVU Medicine Children’s.

The proceeds from the gala went towards a Tecotherm neo-cooling blanket, which is used to perform a procedure called “head cooling therapy” for newborn infants. This innovative therapy helps reduce the risk of severe infant brain damage after a birth injury or other trauma, by slowing the injuries’ progress and increasing oxygen flow.

Learn How You Can Help WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital

A handful of local organizations, businesses, and law firms sponsored this event, either by providing financial resources or dinner and entertainment. At Hartley Law Group, PLLC, our firm was proud to be included as one of these sponsors for the WVU Medicine Children’s Gala in 2018. As West Virginia personal injury attorneys, we’re passionate about protecting the vulnerable from injury, and ensuring that children can receive the quality medical care they need in an emergency.

In West Virginia, it can often be particularly difficult for children to receive the pediatric services and intensive treatment they deserve. Many West Virginians live in remote areas, with limited access to the kind of life-saving technologies available at WVU Medicine Children’s. That’s why their team is currently raising money to build a new children’s hospital and ambulatory care center to ensure that safe, affordable medical care will be available for all.

If you’re interested in helping the West Virginia University Medicine Children’s Hospital achieve their goals, visit their website to donate and learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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